Brine Evaporators & Treatment Solutions

What is a brine evaporator?

Brine water is high in concentrated salts requiring evaporation systems to efficiently and economically dispose of brine water.
The process of removing brine water is often difficult and expensive for the production business.

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  • There are many advantages using evaporation systems to dispose of brine water, the leading advantage is the cost per barrel to evaporate when compared to trucking or injection costs per barrel.
  • Hyper concentrations of brine offer a convenient method of reducing trucking and downhole volumes while keeping the brine released to natural waters minimal and the atmosphere stable. While evaporating brine water, the water phase transitions from liquid to gas causing the ion content to concentrate in the impoundment for proper stabilization and possible sale to operations or prepared for concentrated safe disposal.

Operations such as produced water and mine water drainage greatly benefit from concentrating liquids into brine. The reverse osmosis operation can concentrate reject water to reduce the waste disposal and move closer to zero discharge targets. The APEX 2.0 has an added advantage with RO reject, the evaporation system can take the wastewater all the way to a completely solid state.

RWI Enhanced Evaporation offers two evaporation systems; the ballistic trajectory Landshark 2.0 and the down draft pond surface evaporator APEX 2.0. While there is a wide variety of choices and operational configurations to meet the most challenging evaporation requirements, the RWI Enhanced Evaporation 2.0 series is superior in environmental plume control and surpasses all regulatory constraints.

With both RWI Enhanced Evaporation 2.0 evaporation series, the units are engineered for complete pollution plume control. The VFD drive offers maximum control over trajectory and droplet size keeping the waste fluids evaporating in a wide range of weather conditions. The 2.0 series evaporators operate using the lowest horsepower in the industry. These units are designed to eliminate the problem.


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