APEX 2.0 Wastewater Evaporator

While land-based evaporators are more prone to shut down due to wind gusts, the Apex 2.0 floating evaporator can continue to evaporate in the same conditions because the spray plume is closer to the pond surface and is more likely to drop back into the pond instead of on surrounding vegetation. Once on the pond, the ease of mobility of the Apex 2.0 enables the operator to adjust the location of the equipment to compensate for wind direction leading to greater net evaporation rates. (Evaporation rates depend greatly on weather conditions such as ambient temperatures, relative humidity, wind speed, etc).

The economics of evaporation has changed. APEX 2.0 floating evaporation unit offers increased evaporation rates using 78% less power than other surface evaporators on the market.

Apex 2.0 Floating Evaporation Unit Features:
  • Reduced energy consumption, 25HP to 2.96HP, while improving the evaporation rate compared to legacy Apex
  • Patented down draft evaporation technology
  • Strategically placed foam-filled floats that create the spray chamber for properly mixing the air and water
  • With the downdraft design, the Apex 2.0 is capable of taking ponds to dry
  • APEX 2.0 wastewater evaporator is able to mitigate environmental contamination by controlling the dry aerosol drift commonly associated with larger horsepower evaporators


12 Months parts & labor

Advanced innovation - covered by multiple patents


  • Stainless steel fan casing
  • Composite impeller and inlet cone
  • Marine-grade aluminum float-frame
  • HDPE foam-filled floats
  • MSHA approved fan safety guards



  • Down draft evaporation allows complete control of the air velocity, droplet size and droplet flight time
  • Unlike typical high-powered trajectory evaporators, the down draft evaporator keeps the ion content on the water surface where the ion content is less likely to loft off
  • APEX 2.0 floating evaporation unit can be adjusted to control trajectory in most weather conditions; offering further control of the dry aerosol plume and droplet size
  • When weather conditions require a heavier droplet size for operational control, the APEX 2.0 pump system can be adjusted through the VFD controls
  • Direct control of the droplet size prohibits the droplets from drying out in flight and eliminates the force of the phase change of the contamination content from a liquid ion to a solid compound

The APEX 2.0 floating evaporator has set the carbon performance standard for evaporation for cost per gallon evaporated.

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Apex 2.0 Wastewater Evaporators - Nevada Pond Project

Designed To Meet State & Federal Regulations

RWI Enhanced Evaporation evaporators are engineered to help you meet the health and environmental standards, regardless of your project's geographic location or industry application. Our clients can be assured that RWI Enhanced Evaporation equipment adheres to regulatory requirements outlined by the following entities:

  • EPA Particulate Matter Standards
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Regulations
  • Federal, State and Local Permits
  • Industry Regulations
  • Wyoming Oil & Gas Conservation Commission Regulations

Complete Control

Another environmental performance the APEX 2.0 wastewater evaporator delivers is greater airflow directly on the boundary layer between the impoundment or pond and the atmosphere. The APEX 2.0 floating evaporation unit enhances both the pan and/or lake evaporation rates when extreme weather conditions do not support water to be atomized in a controlled plume. The APEX 2.0 floating evaporator sets a new standard for best available control technology on dry aerosol emission from evaporative operations.

Through control of the air velocity, droplet size and droplet flight time, the RWI Enhanced Evaporation 2.0 evaporation series design is able to mitigate environmental contamination by controlling the dry aerosol drift commonly associated with larger horsepower evaporators.


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