Farm & Agricultural Chemical Evaporators

Our agricultural chemical evaporator systems operate with the lowest kilowatt per gallon, the Landshark 2.0 and APEX 2.0 are designed to reduce wastewater disposal costs while maintaining an operating cost that does not hurt your bottom line.

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Agricultural Applications

Many agricultural operations create waste fluids, and often water with high Biological Oxygen demands are the resultant water stream. Water is a required component of the processes in the agricultural and farming industry, which means wastewater is a byproduct of operations including:

  • Dairy waste streams
  • Animal husbandry operations
  • Fruit and vegetable producer packers
  • Cannabis production wastewater
  • More

RWI Enhanced Evaporation offers a wide variety of evaporator choices and configurations to meet the most challenging evaporation requirements to fit all regulatory constraints you may need.




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RWI Enhanced Evaporation's 2.0 agricultural chemical evaporators are ready to meet any demands for waste fluid concentration. We offer two options in the forms of Ballistic trajectory with our Landshark 2.0 model or Downdraft Pond Surface evaporation with our APEX 2.0 model.

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