Evaporation Pond Solutions

What is a pond based evaporator?

The pond-based or surface evaporator is an evaporator system that sets or floats directly on the surface.


Benefits of Pond-based Evaporation

The advantage of a pond-based evaporator is the system has greater airflow directly to the boundary layer between the pond, lake or water surface and the atmosphere. This allows enhancement of both pan and/or lake evaporation rates. RWI Enhanced Evaporation's pond-based evaporator, the APEX 2.0, not only enhances the pond evaporation rates with fluid injection, it also enhances the overall evaporation rates of the entire system to dispose of more wastewater. Additional advantages include -

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Pond-based Evaporation Applications

Pond-based evaporators offer a solution for a wide range of harsh environmental applications where overspray is more of a concern including:

  • Oil & Gas Production Water Handling - Pond-based evaporators allows facilities to concentrate their wastewater to heavy brine for resale in the industry and can reduce disposal and truck transport cost drastically.
  • Oil & Gas Salt Water Disposal Wells - Pond-based evaporators hyper concentrating liquids prior to injection so the disposal well life is maximized, offering the greatest return on CAPEX for the well.
  • Power Generation - Both solar and fossil fuel power generation plants can significantly reduce the cooling tower blown down water volumes using a pond-based evaporator as part of the water management plan.
  • Food Processing Operations - Dispose excess wastewater without the impact to areas outside the operations boundary by using a pond-based evaporator which maintains a compact area of operation.
  • Fermentation Operations - Washing water and/or other process wastewater can be effectively concentrated with pond-based evaporation to reduce the volume of liquid waste streams and environmental impacts.

What sets your pond-based evaporator apart?

Evaporation is a natural way of reducing the amount of fluid that needs to be disposed of and is an economical alternative to truck transport.

The APEX 2.0 operates at the leading industry low energy efficient horsepower of 5HP.

With the down draft system, the APEX 2.0 has superior surface disturbance evaporation enhancement with maximum control over droplet size and pollution drift plume.


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